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It seems every gamer has been trying to stream on Twitch TV after seeing the success of Ninja & Myth in a bunch of other people. And of course, streaming on Twitch is a great way to show off your skills, share the fun with your subscribers, and even make money from sharing your creations directly with fans. So in this tutorial, I’ll show you how to stream Fortnite and your gameplay on Twitch.

The Requirements to Stream on Twitch

To get started, let’s learn two main requirements you’ll need to meet to live stream. Properly one is having a good computer and the other is having a solid internet connection.

First, Dedicated Streaming PC

If you want your streams to become popular and you care about your viewers’ experience, it’s crucial that you have a smooth performance with high framerates and minimal streaming lag, and ideally you want the highest quality resolution and settings as well if at all possible. So a fairly good computer can do smoothly and in high-quality. Here I highly recommend having a desktop over a laptop.

For gamers who are new to stream on Twitch, MacBooks do not qualify as a good streaming laptop. Because they just aren’t meant for heavy usage like that. So just definitely end up getting like a Windows PC or something like that. For more recommended parts, you can go to Plan the Best Streaming PC Build for Twitch or YouTube.

Then, Good Internet Connection

Moving up from that, the second thing that is just as important as your hardware is a good internet connection, especially your upload speed. You can’t expect to smoothly stream HD video, sound and commentary over a slow internet connection despite what fancy hardware you might have. Poor upload speeds lead to low quality, unstable streams which ain’t no fun for your viewers.

If you’re not sure what your upload speed is, you can head over to Go ahead and hit on the GO button. Once you do that, the website is gonna run a test and a scan, and return your ping your download speed and your upload speed.

Keep in mind if you want to have the most accurate results, you should be doing this on a wired connection using an Ethernet cable. It’s common sense if you want to stream in general unless your speeds show up in like the hundreds for both your download and upload speed with a really low ping. Also if you do want to be an alive streamer, it would be near impossible to actually stream content without experiencing a ton of drops in overall lag if you have an upload speed of 2 or below. In my personal opinion, anything from 4 to 5 or above for your upload speed, usually results in a pretty consistent and stable streaming experience, so from this page just try to keep your upload speed in your head as well be referring to it later on.

How to Stream on Twitch with OBS

1. Sign Up to Stream on Twitch

sign up Twitch

To create a channel that streams live gameplay videos, you’ll first need to sign up for a free Twitch account. Go to the account sign-up page where you can either sign up with a username and password or connect through Facebook, otherwise you can fill in the standard form. Then click on the “Sign Up” button.

If you opt for the first method, you’ll receive an email containing a link that you need to click to confirm your account before you can continue.

If you’re new to Twitch, take a little time to take a look around and familiarize yourself with the layout of the site and how it works.

2. Get a Stream Key to Stream on Twitch

Twitch stream key is like a special code that gives you custom URL server which allows you to broadcast gaming content from your Twitch account without the need of log into the main account manager. So in order to stream on Twitch, you need to have a streaming key to provide to OBS or whatever software you’re utilizing to stream to Twitch.

  1. To get your stream key, go to and login your account.
  2. Click the drop-down menu in the upper right corner, and select Dashboard.
  3. Underneneath your dashboard, you’re going to see an option up here a bunch of different tabs, go to the Settings.
  4. Twitch dashboard

  5. Here you can see Stream Key, click on it.
  6. Twitch streaming key

  7. Then you’ll get a purple button that says Show Key, click the button.
  8. Twitch streaming key

  9. A waring window will pop up saying never share your Stream Key. Click I Understand, your specific Twitch Stream Key will appear.
  10. show Twitch Stream Key

You can either copy the code into a local file for reference, or remember where you need to head within Twitch when you need it later.

3. Download and Run OBS

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) can help you quickly and easily to make live streams that look awesome. It’s free to use and feature-rich software that can handle almost anything you throw at it. OBS Studio allows you to take multiple sources of video and audio, and then put them together into a stream. So you can take the video from a game overlay, the video from camera, and then maybe put some text in a logo and something that can be pushed to Twitch in a stream. If you’re new to OBS or to streaming in general, it can be a little daunting at first. Here, I’ll show you how the basics and how to get your stream up and running using OBS.

You should have OBS installed on your computer. But if for some reason you don’t, go to to download and install it. Then start the setup process as following:

4. Enter Your Stream Key into OBS

  1. Open up OBS, when you first open up OBS, there should be an Auto-Configuration Wizard that guides you specify what you want to use the program for streaming, which would be for Twitch or YouTube or just recording your games or recording videos.
  2. After that, click the “Settings” button from the lower right-hand side of the program window.
  3. Click the Stream icon in the left-hand panel.
  4. Make sure ‘Twitch’ is selected from the Service menu. Below this, paste your Twitch stream key into the Stream Key field and then click ‘OK’.
  5. OBS Twitch streaming settings

  6. There are plenty of further settings you could configure, but for now, let’s start streaming.

Whichever service you’re streaming to you now need to enter the stream key into OBS. This portion will be relevant to any service you’re broadcasting to that doesn’t have a direct connection to OBS like Twitch and Mixer do.

Now that OBS is kind of set up, we have to configure all the sources and create the scenes. And a Scene will be a group of sources. Here I only want to record and stream Fortnite on Twitch with OBS, then let’s go ahead and create one scene to get you started.

5. Set up the Scene and Source for Streaming Fortnite on Twitch

Follow these next steps to set up your stream broadcasting excellently. This is important for many new non-professional gamers to start a career at home and also gets recognition of what gaming genre you can nail it.

OBS has two windows; Scenes and Sources. Each scene is comprised of multiple sources, from the game capture window to your live webcam input and more. You can create scenes made up of multiple sources including window captures, images, text, browser windows, webcams, capture cards and more. And then load them up simply by selecting them from the scene menu, giving your stream layout a more custom look.

And if you want to keep it simple, just create a single scene for all games too!

In this tutorial, I just want to show you guys a quick little tutorial on how to get your screen and webcam on the same scene in case you guys are new to OBS and don’t really know what you’re doing.

  1. Every content creator sets up their scenes for OBS differently and you’re probably doing the same thing.
  2. Go to the Scenes box and click on the Plus button which means add a new scene. From here you can li terally name it whatever you want.
  3. Now at this point, in order to stream Fortnite on Twitch, you should load up Fortnight before you’re gonna do anything else.
  4. boot up Fortnight

  5. This is Fortnite, let’s click on BATTLE ROYALE and get into the game. Just go ahead and wait until you found a match.
  6. get in Fortnite

  7. Click on ALT tab to go out of the game for a second, and head back to our OBS.
  8. Then as you can see, the screen might go black without preview. Just hit the right-click on the screen, then click on Enable Preview.
  9. Once you have created a Scene, click the plus button under the sources box select either Game Cpture or Display Capture options. From here you can call this whatever you would like, and click OK. And then you can see it says display, so you can either pick display 1, display 0. It depends how many monitors you have connected. It makes it a lot easier if you do have multiple monitors. Click the drop-down menu right here.
  10. After selecting your main display, just click on OK. And you should see as a little inception thing on your screen. And don’t worry that’s perfectly normal.
  11. start streaming Fortnite video game

  12. To add your webcam, you just need to click the Plus button at Source box, and go to Video Capture Device.
  13. From there click on the device drop-down menu and select your webcam.
  14. Once you do that, click OK and you should be good to go you can name it whatever you want.

5. Test your settings and start streaming Fortnite on Twitch

After finishing everything on the screen you are ready to go live!

Double check that all your settings are how you want them in Settings -> Output. Then, go ahead and get started by clicking Start Streaming. Then you can see we’re now just gone live.

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