how to Jailbreak Firestick

Jailbreaking Firestick removes restrictions and allows sideload any app on Firestick. Here we’ll go through how to jailbreak Firestick & Fire TV, install alternative Apps Store and the most popular streaming application on Jailbroken Firestick.

Amazon Firestick and Fire TV devices are very popular streaming media players. They’re easy to use and inexpensive. There’re several models you can choose from, such as the newest Firestick, Firestick 4K, Fire TV Cube which have more powerful CPU and GPU chips that stream a lot better than the original devices.

The new Firestick has 1.52 GB of RAM and Fire TV devices have two 2 GB of RAM. More RAM allows large Kodi builds to work properly. You can install the latest version of Kodi on the Firestick or Fire TV to stream movies, TV shows, live sports and more. However, we’re actually installing a better Play Store alternative App called Aptoide TV which gives you the option to easily install whatever apps you want on your Fire TV or Firestick, no matter Google Play and Amazon App Store are fighting or not.

Why We Would Jailbreak FireStick?

Jailbreaking Firestick is a process of removing restrictions imposed by Amazon to allow for the installation of unauthorized software. Once you’ve jailbroken the Fire Stick, you can side-load applications onto the device that you normally can’t get through the Amazon App Store. By doing so, your Fire Stick will have access to thousands of free movies, TV shows, Live channels, Sports, and more.

This is where FireStick jailbreak comes into the picture. The low cost of Amazon Fire TV Stick and easy of jailbreaking it which I will cover in this tutorial.

Is Jailbreaking Firestick Illegal?

Jailbreaking or unlocking your Fire TV Stick is plainly not illegal. The difference between a regular FireStick and a jailbroken one is the installation of a third-party app. Its legality depends on how you use the device. Installing Kodi on Fire TV Stick or any other such FireStick apps are not illegal. However, if you watch copyrighted content using Kodi builds or add-ons, then you can get in trouble with your Government depending upon the Copyright laws of your country or with your ISP.

Use a VPN on the Firestick to Protect Your Network

If you’re worry about streaming content from an illegitimate source unintentionally, for the sake of security and safe, before you start using your jailbroken Fire Stick, you should use a good VPN for Fire Stick.

I personally recommend CyberGhost VPN, which is recommended by many VPN experts for streaming and torrenting. CyberGhost VPN helps you to bypass geo-restrictions so you can make the most of your favorite streaming content. By using it, you can protect your data and secure any internet connection, including the ones established over Wi-Fi.

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So we can say, jailbreaking is much like torrenting which itself is not illegal but pirated and copyrighted content is.

How to Jailbreak Fire TV Stick?

If you’re just getting started with Cord-cutting or streaming, this is a what you should know. Then, let’s learn how to jailbreak a Firestick. This same process will also work on the Fire TV, Fire Cube and Fire TV televisions.

We’ll go and cover the following point:

  1. The whole Process to Jailbreak Firestick?
  2. The process to install An Alternative App Store on Jailbroken Firestick.
  3. How to install the most popular free streaming application available today.

1. First, let’s start by jailbreaking Firestick

The first thing that we want to do is jailbreaking the Firestick, so that we have the ability to install and use applications not available within the Amazon App Store.

1) Turn Off Collect App Usage Data

If you don’t want Amazon collect your personal data usage and data consumption on Firestick, go ahead to take the following steps:

  1. Start from your Firestick Home.
  2. By using your Alexa remote, hover over the Settings tab, move down and to My Preference.
  3. FireStick Preference

  4. Open Privacy Settings.
  5. Firestick privacy settings

  6. Under privacy settings, turn off both Device Usage Data and Collect App Usage Data.
  7. turn off personal data collection

  8. Go back to the previous screen, and click Data Monitoring and turn it off. That will close the data consumption monitoring on your Fire TV Stick.
  9. turn off Firestick data monitor

2) Jailbreak Firestick by Turnning on Apps from Unknown Sources

  1. After all above privacy settings, press the Back button on the remote and move over My Fire TV/Device and click it.
  2. Fire Stick Developer option

  3. From the Developer options, enable ADB debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources, by ensuring they are turned on.
  4. turn on Apps from unknown sources

By allowing installation of application that are not from Amazon Appstore, we’ve successfully jailbroken the Firestick.

2. How to Install Alternative App Store on Jailbroken Firestick

Then you can take a step further and install a free Google Play alternative App Store – Aptoide TV on your jailbroken Firestick. Aptoide TV gives you access to thousands of applications not available within the Amazon App Store. You can go through and get apps like Terrarium TV, FreeFlix HQ, Mobdro, Kodi, YouTube, etc. All with newer versions being updated frequently. It is really handy and awesome to just have it all here with this really nice interface and just getting sideloading apps really easy.

So to do that, we will first download and install a free application through Amazon App Store called Downloader. With it, we can download and install various applications that are not available within the Amazon App Store.

1) Download and Install Downloader on Firestick

  1. Go back to the home screen of your Firestick, head over to the Search option and type Downloader by using the keypad or the Alexa of your remote, and highlight Downloader and click the OK button on your Amazon remote.
  2. search Downloader

  3. Click the Download button on the next Downloader show-up screen.
  4. downloader application

  5. The application will begin to download and install on your Firestick. Click Open to launch Downloader application.
  6. install Downloader application

  7. If you’re going through this process on a new Fire TV, or Fire TV Cube, you will be prompted with a message towards the bottom of the screen asking if it is ok if Downloader accesses the files on your device, you want to make sure that you click Allow. If you click Deny, this application will not work properly.
  8. allow access

Once Downloader is launched, one thing we should do is to go ahead and enable JavaScript. Scroll down to Settings, click on it and then click right to Enable JavaScript.

enable Downloader JavaScript

2) How to set up an Alternative App Store?

By using Downloader, you can side load any app on FireStick.

  1. Go back up to Home and click over to the right box where it begins with http://, click on it and type with your remote. Once that is all set, come down and click Go button.
  2. download Aptoide TV

  3. This will redirect you to Aptoide TV page, scroll down and select Install Aptoide TV.
  4. install Aptoide TV

  5. This downloading and installing Aptoide TV. You need to click Install button to confirm installation.
  6. install Aptoide TV

  7. OK, when the Aptoide TV app installation completes, click on DONE and go back into Downloader. Here you can delete the installation file that you don’t need it, for saving up storage space.
  8. install Aptoide TV

  9. Once all we are done with this, we can actually press the Home button of the remote, go into Apps & Games. Here you can scroll down to Aptoide TV and click to launch it.
  10. open Aptoide TV

OK! Now you’re able to browse through thousands of apps for your Fire TV and FireStick that you couldn’t find on the Amazon App Store.

So if you are looking for any type of application that’s not available within the Amazon App Store, I suggest first coming in here looking around and search the name of the application. Many times you will be able to find what you need.

Most of the applications in the list here are on their latest release, even if they aren’t, many applications have an auto-updater to where they will prompt you to update to the latest release immediately after installing. However, Kodi does not come with that ability. And you might notice that the version of Kodi under Aptoide TV is not the most recent one. So we must install the most recent stable release from the start.

Alright, here I’d like to manually install Kodi, which is the most popular streaming application. Instead of installing it from Aptoide TV, the reason I will do it manually is due to the fact the version within Aptoide TV was not the most recent stable version.

3. Sideload Kodi Application on Jailbroken Firestick

At the last step of jailbreaking Firestick, we’ll install the most popular free streaming application for jailbroken Firestick.

Kodi is a media application that gives you access to the huge world of free entertainment. It lets you watch your favorite movies, TV shows, sports, films, content for Kids and a lot more. Yes, you can stream anything you want. All you need is the right Kodi Addons and Builds.

Now for the purpose of this tutorial, we will install Kodi by using Downloader app that you just download from the Amazon Store.

Here are the steps for jailbreak Firestick Kodi:

  1. Go back to the home menu item again, open Downloader app. Then enter “” and hit Go.
  2. When the website is fully loaded, scroll down until you see different platform icons. As Fire TV Stick is based on Android operating system, here you should select Andriod version. Under the heading Kodiev18.2 “Levia”, select the ARMV7A 32-Bit link.
  3. download Kodi 18.2 Levia

  4. Once the file is downloaded, you’ll get the installation screen.
  5. Click Install at the bottom of the screen to get Kodi installed.
  6. install kodi on jailbroken firestick

  7. Now we have finished Kodi installation process. Instead of openning the application, I prefer to click Done button to back to to Downloader screen. Here we can delete the installation file.
  8. delete Kodi installation file

  9. Then click back button a few times on the remote until go back to the home screen of the Firestick. You will see the Kodi has been added to the list of Apps & Games.
  10. Kodi on Firestick

Alright, we have successfully jailbroken Firestick and installed the popular streaming application Kodi. Now let’s go ahead and launch Kodi, install the best Kodi Add-ons which provide free movie, TV shows, Live channels, Sports, and more.

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