Exodus Redux Kodi Addon

How would you like to get the new Exodus 2019 on Kodi version 18.2? Well, stick around and this guide will show you how. Let’s get right into it now.

As always I’m going to be using Amazon Fire Stick 4K. If you already have a version of Kodi or even Kodi 18.2., then skip timestamping into the below steps. If you don’t have Kodi installed on your Fire Stick, go to the detail steps on how to install Kodi on FireStick or Fire TV. I will emphatically introduce how to install Exodus Redux on your Amazon Fire Stick or Frie Stick 4K.

So to start installing Exodus Redux on Kodi, load up your Amazon Fire Stick.

Load up Kodi on your FireStick

  1. Click the Amazon Home screen button one time. It’s gonna bring you back to the Amazon home screen now.
  2. From up top on home scroll down until you highlight your Apps & Channels.
  3. From here highlight Kodi and click it one time.
  4. load up Kodi on FireStick

  5. If you open it the first time, you’re gonna get this first pop-up window right here. It says “Kodi requires access to your device media and files to function, please allow this via the following dialogue box or Kodi will exit.” Do not be alarmed, keep it highlighted, continue and click it and then you should get the next pop-up right here. “Allow Kodi to access photos media and files on your device”. Click Allow or else you’re not going to be able to use Kodi.
  6. open Kodi the first time

  7. Once you allowed Kodi access, you’re going to see it’s going to be preparing for the first run to load. If you notice, you can see the version is 18.2.

After Kodi loaded in, you can download and install the Exodus app.

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Install Exodus Redux on Firestick

Allow Unknown Sources Add-ons

  1. For the first using Kodi, scroll up and click the “Settings” icon.
  2. Kodi settings

  3. Scroll down and over to the “System”, highlight and click it.
  4. Kodi 18.2 System settings

  5. Once the system comes up, scroll down to add-ons.
  6. On Add-ons screen, scroll down to Unknown sources and click it.
  7. turn on unknown sources

  8. This will bring a pop-up box warning you Add-ons will be given access to personal data stored on this device… Read all this and scroll left to Yes and click it. You’ve now turned on unknown sources. By doing this you’re gonna be allowed to pick and choose sources outside of the app.
  9. kodi unknown sources addons warning

Download Exodus Redus

  1. Then go back to the previous screen by clicking the back button on the remote.
  2. Click File Manager.
  3. open Kodi File Manager

  4. On file manager comes up, the Profile directory is highlighted, scroll down to Add sources and click it.
  5. Add sources

  6. When the Add file source pop-up box comes, click None in blue to get enter paths or browse for the media locations.
  7. add Exodus Redux file source

  8. Then the URL that you’re going to type in for the Exodus Redux is going to be right here. Now let’s type: https://i-a-c.github.io. After typing, you should double-check it to make sure you typed in the right URL.
  9. enter Exodus Redux file path

  10. Once you’ve got that typed in, you are good to go from bottom scroll over to OK and click it.
  11. Then you can enter a name like REDUX for this media source and click OK.
  12. Make sure your screen looks identical to the screen as below with the right path. Now click OK.
  13. download Exodus Redux Kodi Addon

  14. And if it’s good and no errors or issues, you’re not gonna get any network pop-up boxes. To be on the safe side, from Add source scroll up to REDUX and click it one time. And make sure you have Exodus zip file on there.

Install Exodus Redus Kodi Add-on

If you’re good to go, back to the main screen of Kodi. Right here, scroll down to Add-ons and click it.

  1. From Video add-ons, scroll once up to the Package Installer image of the open package or a box in the top and click it.
  2. package installer

  3. Here scroll to highlight Install from the zip file and click it.
  4. install from zip file

  5. Find the name of the Exodus file you’ve just downloaded. Then highlight and click it one time.
  6. install Exodus Redux Kodi Addon

  7. From here, scroll down to the zip file named repository.exodusredux-0.0.8.zip that on your screen, and click to install it.
  8. Exodus Redux version

  9. After a few seconds, you can see Exodus Redux Repo add-on installation confirmation in the top-right corner.
  10. Exodus Redux installed

Now you have successfully installed Exodus Redux repository on Kodi, you are almost done. Just stay with me for one more step and it is done.

Install Exodus Redus Kodi Add-on from Repository

Install from Repository allows you to install new add-ons from the installed repositories. The following steps will install Exodus Redus add-on repository:

  1. From Install from zip file, scroll once up to Install from repository and click it.
  2. install from repository

  3. Scroll up to Install from repository and click it. Here scroll down to Exodus Redux Repo and click it.
  4. Exodus Redux Repo

  5. Then from here, you’re gonna scroll down to Video add-ons, highlight and click it.
  6. Exodus Redux video addon

  7. And then from here you’re gonna scroll all the way down to Exodus Redux and click it one time.
  8. install Exodus Redux addon

  9. In the next pop-up screen is going to be the installation screen. Click the highlighted Install button one time.
  10. Exodus Redux installation

    Then you’re gonna see the following additional add-ons will be installed. You can read all this if you like. Do not be alarmed, you need all this for it to work. So just click over to OK.

    install additional Redux Redux add-ons

  11. If you did it correctly, you should start to see it installing. Sit in wait, a lot of these add-ons there are being installed are needed for Exodus to run properly.

OK! When you see the Exodus add-on installed up to the top, so you should be good to go. Now, all you have to do is back out, keep backing out all the way to the main Kodi home screen. If you see on video add-ons Exodus Redux is right there. Now if you back out of Kodi all the way and you ever have to come back, you can find Exodus Redux is under the Video add-ons in Add-ons category.

Highlight Exodus and click to open it. Scroll around to see what you like, pick on movies, TV shows and more.

movies on Exodus

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